competition summary


competition summary


GIBBON ONLINE GAMES JAPAN 2021 it is a tournament that connects all over Japan and the world online. Unlike regular competitions that are held in one or two days It will be held for a total of 5 days (from January 31st, every Sunday from 10:00JST). * All the games in tournament method

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2021 *all time in JST, Japan Standard Time (GMT-9)

January 31 (sun) 10:00 am-12:30am 1 round (amateur trick tournament)

February 14 (sun) 10:00 am-12:30am  2 rounds (static tournament)

February 28 (sun) 10:00 am-12:50 am 3 rounds (static tournament)

March 14 (sun) 10:00 am-13:10 am 4 rounds (female professional / team tournament)

March 28 (sun) 10:00 am-14: 20am Closing ceremony Final (Men's and Women's Professional / Amateur Trick )

* Schedule and time may change depending on the progress of the tournament.

* We will announce the tournament table in advance so please make sure to check the schedule especially if you are participating in the competition.

Join the judge

This tournament will be streamed live on YouTube's "Gibbon Slacklines JAPAN" channel

The person watching the stream has the right to judge the outcome of the player.

Judgment method is easy

●Search for "Gibbon Slacklines JAPAN" on youtube



●Watch the game

●Just vote for the player you think is "cool"

●Just click the button below



layers with more votes will get 3 points​

In addition, we will compete for a total of 9 points including official judges and player votes.

Please have more people watch the stream and vote more



① Amateur trick 

② Static 

③ Team battle 

④ Professional trick girls 

⑤ Professional trick boys


For ①②④⑤ category matches, each player will have two 40-second performance times.


For ③, the team will get 100 seconds to perform only once. 

All matches are tournament format.

Purpose of holding this tournament

"Hope and expectation for players"

Due to the corona disaster, the tournaments scheduled all over the country were canceled one after another, and there was no opportunity for players to play an active role.

We are aiming for a tournament that will be a momentum for the 2021 season by raising future growth and motivation for the tournament. In addition, the purpose is to find people who have started slacklining and have never participated in the tournament.

As a preventive measure against infectious diseases, it is difficult to gather in a certain place and maintain equality of the environment as in the past competitions, so we used an online system at slacklining practice facilities and places where we usually practice.

We will recruit players from all over the world and hold a safety-friendly real online competition. We are pleased to announce the world's first online slacklining competition. This year, the epidemic of the new coronavirus has raged around the world, killing many people. I think that people involved in medical professionals are also having a lot of trouble. With the corona epidemic, there was a lot of damage to the economy, and our lifestyle changed drastically.

Even for us slacklining enthusiasts, the events and competitions have been canceled, and the impact and motivation on the usual practice areas has diminished. By holding a tournament using an online system that has rapidly developed and introduced when we thought about what we could do as a manufacturer, rather than just waiting for convergence in the corona disaster. We planned this tournament with the aim of increasing the motivation of athletes and creating opportunities for more people to know about slacklining while minimizing the risk of infection. We have launched crowdfunding to support the tournament operating expenses necessary to hold such a tournament together and hold the world's first tournament. From now on, we have been able to prepare many returns, including returns for those who want to start slacklining, limited edition items, and items selected by professional players. In order for slacklining to be recognized by many people and loved as a more familiar sport, it is important to increase the opportunities for professional and amateur athletes to play an active role. Right now, everyone in the slacklining world is holding hands. I will do my best for the success of this tournament.

Thank you for your support. Tournament secretariat Hatano

Please support this tournament from overseas as well.